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What Horses Bring To The Therapeutic Process…

Horses have a unique ability to reflect to us who we are in relationship to ourselves and to others… our courage, our fears.. our strengths, our hidden and often, unrealized wisdom. 

The reflective quality of the horse allows us to get past our logic and draw deep into our truth, our intuitiveness, our somatic self.

Horses give us their compassionate hearts and show us how to breath more deeply, to get grounded, to let go… to settle our stressed and overly alerted bodies and minds.. to relax.. to face our fears with newfound courage.

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, the horse offers a unique and “magical” way showing us what we need to know about ourselves, our circumstances, our potential for change, and healing.. Horses help us gain awareness of deeper memories,  wounds, and grief while offering us the pathways to healing.

Teaching us the way of the horse, they offer us opportunities to take courageous steps forward in life and leadership, realizing change, and moving forward  towards our goals and visions.

Horses are healers.. Horses are guides... Sentient Wisdom

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