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The Horses of Equine Wisdom

Lexi AKA Visionarys Dream

Lexi is a 21 year old Registered Appaloosa mare. Lexi and I began working together with clients when we opened Equine Wisdom in February of 2012. Lexi is beautifully gifted in this work, wise, strong, compassionate. Her name, Visionarys Dream, could not be more perfect for my vision and dream of creating and evolving Equine Wisdom.

Originally offered by and purchased from Brittany Moll Xivi of Ellensburg, Washington,


Simon AKA JNZ Double Dip Chip

Simon is a 16 year old Registered Appaloosa gelding who retired from the show world to join Equine Wisdom in the fall of 2017. He literally had his first one on one client session an hour after he arrived to Equine Wisdom and has been working with clients beautifully ever since. He is kind, patient, strong, playful, protective, and courageous. 

Ronnie AKA Passin The Time

Ronnie arrived to Equine Wisdom in the fall of 2021. A nearly 16 year old Appaloosa retired from the show world, he is gifted to Equine Wisdom from Maddie Gregory and Barbara Slack. Ronnie has a youthful and energetic disposition. He is eager to get into this wonderful work, and eager to help many people about leadership, boundaries, and patience under pressure. He's also rather goofy and likes to make people laugh!!


Jimmy AKA Cause I Can

Jimmy is a nearly 7 year old Appaloosa gelding. He was gifted to Equine Wisdom in early 2023 by the Chesemore family. During his riding career, Jimmy suffered a suspensory ligament injury that took him out of the competative show world. It was the family's wishes that he be able to do something meaningful for others and when they learned about Equine Wisdom, they thought it would be a wonderful place for him to find his new work. Jimmy  has a youthful , sweet, gentle dispostion. He loves to snuggle and nuzzle, while teaching about courage and bravery. 


Sailing AKA Shes Sailing 

Sailing began her work with Equine Wisdom in the fall of 2016 when we acquired our own property in Fall City, WA . She is a 21 year old Registered Paint mare originally from Hamilton, Montana. Sailing is curious, kind, sensitive, compassionate, wise and has opened up out of her more introverted nature since arriving to Equine Wisdom

Sadly, our beloved Sailing passed on in October of 2022. Her memory will forever be a blessing to so many. She touched and healed so many that she worked with. 

Run freely precious Sailing.

Libby AKA TNT Ms Liberty

Libby is a nearly 36 year old Quarter Horse mare offered to Equine Wisdom by Sara Stewart. Libby retired in the summer of 2019 to the pastures of Ellensburg, WA where she enjoys the serenity of the open spaces and pasture lands. Libby is a beloved horse to many clients who were able to receive beautiful care and healing from this uniquely wise, kind hearted, mare.

Update: When Equine Wisdom moved from Fall City, WA, to Weatherford, TX, in the winter of 2019, Libby returned to Back Pocket Ranch, in Ellensburg, WA, where she lived out her life until her 37th year. Ann Anderson, who had known Libby for 30 years, cared for her, and was there to help her to the other side. This beloved mare was and forever is a profound healer, angelic mare, forever in our hearts and spirits. 

Rest peacefully sweet mare, may your memory forever be a blessing to all you touched in your beautiful life.

Rest In Peace, Sugar

Run Free
November 2012

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